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Technology Scouting 
Finding and selecting the best technology partners

Israel has been ranked seventh among the most innovative countries in the world in 2021, according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index. 

For the past two decades, globalization has been shaping our world and increasingly, young corporations, specifically startups, are a vital if not dominating part of the global knowledge economy.

The Bridge Innovation works with top multinational corporations and companies who seek ways to grow their revenue and reduce costs by implementing new technologies. 

Through us, top corporations can:

  • Get the necessary background information on appropriate innovative technologies and markets 

  • Explore new technology areas for technical merit and novelty of inventions

  • Discover solutions that will be competitive in their industry’s future

  • Find potential partners and acquisition targets who can quickly be plugged-in to their infrastructure and build a competitive advantage

  • Connect with new technology partners that can automate processes and offer new customer experiences

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