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Our Clients

We believe in the
power of entrepreneurs
to lead growth and change

Our clients include companies in the fields of Data Science, IoT, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Environment, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Information Systems and more.

We provide a boutique service environment and lead our clients as if we are part of their team.

We believe that by employing the following principles, we will help our clients produce the optimal result matching their unique needs:

  • Trust

  • Information Flow

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Dedication

  • Excellence

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Our Clients & Partners

Eran Heffetz, CEO BITES   

׳׳We worked with The Bridge Innovation on several applications and have been extremely impressed by the team’s professionalism and expertise. Moreover, they have been working with us as part of our team, always available to us, allowing us to concentrate on the R&D projects once approved.׳׳

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