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Gadi Horenstein

Automotive & IoT Expert 

My Story

With more than 20 years of expertise in product development, R&D and investments roles, Gadi Hornstein led various companies across the Israeli industry to success.

His expertise spans from sales and product strategy design, leading collaborations with local and international companies.
Gadi led the IoT and Automotive sector in the Israel Innovation Authority. He worked closely with startups in the ecosystem to establish processes that would enable them to boost sales, grow and develop, and served as a member of  the investment committee.

Prior to the Israel Innovation Authority, Gadi held various positions as the director of product management, sales and business development in several automotive startups. Earlier, Gadi worked for Intel and IAI.


Gadi holds a BSc. in software engineering from Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering and an MBA from Ruppin Academic Center.

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